How to Go Viral on TikTok - 3 Tested Tips

How to Go Viral on TikTok - 3 Tested Tips

 In this article, we're talking about three tips to go viral on TikTok! So I've been pointing out a ton of different TikTok videos. we do a lot of content on TikTok and I've been getting a ton of questions from you guys about why some videos go viral and why some don't. So I wanted to write this article and go through three quick tips. My favorite three tips to help your videos go viral and get more organic reach on TikTok. 

Tip number one, guys- is you have to be native in order for your content to go viral. At this point in time, there is content on TikTok that is contextual to TikTok. You can watch it, you get excited, you're scrolling through the "For You" page. You know what is hitting the trends and you know what isn't. The stuff that you scroll straight through. When we started on TikTok early in my profile, I was just posting content from other platforms To TikTok, I wasn't being organic. Then we started to post organic content and we saw it start to create an impact and get more organic reach. Now, what is organic mean? Organic just means that you're posting videos that are using music from TikTok, you're posting videos that are using the trending hashtags, you're following the trends, and then finally, you are doing videos within that 15-second range that fit within the platform at this time. That's not saying that that's not going to change, but as of now, scroll the For You page. Get the context and start making organic content. 

Tip number two, videos that go viral on TikTok, for the majority- have really good light and are good quality. Now that doesn't mean you're not shooting on your phone. Phone quality, 4k quality from a phone is a fantastic video in order to post on TikTok but the videos that go are not grainy. We've only seen one or two that have been grainy that have gone but they were very original which will come to so, invest in some lights. Find a way to have YouTube lights or go on Amazon, find something that's going to provide you with a little light so if you're shooting in your house, you're shooting in dark conditions, you can make better quality videos. It's going to help you get through that algorithm, get that quality score and get your content out to more people.

Tip number three-be original. Try to make original content. Now for us, we started running out of ideas. We know it's hard, we know the brain feels like exploding when you're trying to come up with original ideas. You can follow the trends but if you can find a way to build on a duet or create a reaction, add value, make it funny, make it interesting, making it organic to the platform,  your content is going to have a much greater chance of going viral. So yes, follow the trends. Yes, you can do some of the same things that other people are doing and get onto that trend and be exciting and be organic but be original, too. Try to come up with your own ideas using those trending songs, seeing the new songs coming out, and trying to come up with a new idea. The most viral videos, the ones that go, the ones that are changing people's lives and getting millions and millions of views are the ones that are completely original, that get outlined by TikTok, and go out on the TikTok Instagram profile or shoutout everywhere and are shared a ton. So there are three tips for this video guy and before I go I'll say one more thing, the number one thing that we look for in order to see if a video is gonna go viral is the watch time of that video. Seeing how much it's keeping people on TikTok, how much it's keeping them scrolling the For You page. So focus on that, try to keep people on your post longer. Find ways to increase your watch time by being funny, providing value, being organic, all the things I talked about and your videos are gonna go out further than they have ever before and make lots of content. Not every single one's gonna go, some are gonna get 500 views some are going to get 100,000 views depending on who's seeing and what the quality score is, what day it is, what's trending, all of these different factors. So make lots of content, get it out and you have that shot. I've been lucky enough to have a couple videos going on TikTok so that we've been able to create and correct, have this trial by fire and see what's working. Now you got to go do the same thing, get out there and make it happens.



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