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  (4 July 2024) Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher              Morse code and 5 Million daily reward

Another Telegram-based game, Hamster Kombat, has assumed control over the crypto and Web3 world by storm getting viral via web-based entertainment stage X.

Hamster Kombat acquired a huge number of clients and 31 million endorsers on its YouTube channel.

Hamster Kombat's fast development can be ascribed to its openness through the Message stage, requiring no extra downloads.

It accompanies drawing in highlights like sharing scores and contending with companions and has additionally assumed a critical part in its broad reception.

Because it is integrated with the TON blockchain, it ensures transactions that are both secure and efficient, making it even more appealing to a wider audience.

Hamster Kombat's key highlights incorporate person customization, dynamic battle, social coordination, and blockchain-based NFTs.

HMSTR tokens, which can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, can be converted by players here.

A forthcoming airdrop mission will remunerate players with HMSTR tokens to upgrade client commitment and reception.

While the game seems protected, its tokenomics and whitepaper will in any case be sent off. Subsequently, clients should stay careful.

The group behind Hamster Kombat has remained genuinely mysterious. In any case, the new reports uncovered that it was co-made by Russian IT business person Eduard Gurinovich who is known for establishing CarPrice and CarMoney, and he has serious areas of strength for adventure speculations and blockchain innovation.


Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher Morse code.


O  ➖➖➖

R   ⚫️➖⚫️

A   ⚫️➖

C   ➖⚫️➖⚫️

L   ⚫️➖⚫️⚫️

E   ⚫️

When you hold down the circle with the hamster, a dash appears.

When you tap quickly, a dot appears. After decoding the cipher code, you instantly get 1 Million Tokens.

Hamster Kombat combo reward. (4 July 2024)

1.  Sec transparency (Legal tab)

2. Gamefi Tokens (Market tab)

3. Web3 Game Con (Specials tab )

After collecting these 3 cards you instantly get 5 Million Tokens.

We give you codes and rewards daily. Stay Tune

(4 July 2024) Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher Morse code and 5 Million daily reward 🔥

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